Will You Get Married This Year? Your Zodiac Has the Answer

Marriage is a beautiful association that brings two souls together for a lifetime. It is the most awaited time for the people in love. With the start of the new year, the expectations have already hopped with questions like-   When will I get married Is a wedding on the cards for me this year?


All the answers are hidden in your daily singles love horoscope. The year 2019 has come with a lot of surprises in terms of love, romance, and relationships. Positions of Stars is predicting wedding bells for many zodiacs this year.


Here, are the five zodiacs that will surely find the love of their life this year and might take the plunge. Take a look over these five lucky zodiac signs and their marriage predictions:



  • Aries



Aries, this is the year you were waiting for! Get your wedding dress ready. All your conflicts, differences and hurdles will vanish and you will get the red carpet ready for your love marriage. The first and third quarter of the year is favorable to make new things work. The possibility of your dream wedding is maximum this time. You will see the flow of positive energy around you. Put best efforts in strengthening your love bond. Be cautious against short temper, impatience, and arrogance. Try to resolve differences as soon as possible before it creates major discord in relationships. This is the year to feel happiness and cosmic blessings around you. So, make it the best year for you and your love.


  1.  Leo

Love has blossomed for you, Leo!  A new beginning is waiting for you. You will finally see your wedding dreams come true this year. If you are still looking for your love then your wait to get smitten is over. This year is going to be the romantic year to start up a new relationship. The position of Jupiter is showing a strong and long-lasting relationship. All your wedding plans will work smoothly. You will get the support of your loved ones.  All the hard feelings and misconceptions will vanish. Be expressive and work on communication with your partner. You can expect some challenges in proving your love. Don’t let the shadow of the past, hinder your present and future. Long drives and beach dates are waiting for you, Leo.


  1. Scorpio


This is the year of love and romance for Scorpio. Confess, show and let the world know of your love. You will witness the magic of love and warmth in 2019. You will see an amazing understanding growing between you and your partner. This is the time to take your relationship to the next level. Things may take some time but it will surely fall on its place. New experiences of romance and commitments are awaiting you. You will find contentment with the mutual understanding and support from your beloved. Love and care will be your assets. Beware of letting possessiveness ruin the beauty of romance between you and your love. The first quarter of the year will be an excellent time to expect wedding bells.


  1. Sagittarius


You have got your luck in love, Sagittarius! Positions of planets are at your side. Stars are showing the beginning of an everlasting relationship. If you are waiting for the approval then believe its definitely in your favor. Grab the opportunity and bring love into your life with a wedding ring. Marriage is on the cards for you in the first quarter of this year. Avoid confusions and be liberal to give space in your relationship. The second quarter shows relationship conflicts. Illusions and misunderstanding may grow deeper. Spend quality time with your partner, it will help clear the misunderstandings between you two. Don’t overthink and handle each situation with a light heart.  Due to the influence of Uranus, you will see a smooth transition in love and relationship.  May and June will be the best time for love birds to plan marriage.


  1. Aquarius


Universe has opened its doors for you, Aquarius! This is the perfect year to live up all your love and romantic expectations. Enjoy every moment, nothing can stop you. March will bring some changes in your life. Adapt to changes positively and make efforts to balance it with your love life. This will be the time to mend the broken chords with family and your spouse. A good understanding will bring the lost chemistry back. Marriage is bliss that needs a compassionate and understanding heart. Your compassion and determination will be the key to bring happiness in difficult times. All the delays in the marriage will be cleared and you will get the wedding date fixed soon. Traveling will be a new experience in your marital life. June and July is the best time for fixing your wedding day


Happiness is all around for you! Enjoy your wedding vibes to fullest. Plan each event according to the Daily Horoscope Predictions and maximize the joy of your dream wedding.