Solved: Netgear USB Wireless Adapter is not Receiving Desired Speed

While utilizing a Netgear USB wireless adapter, for example, the A6200, A6100 or WNDA4100, the range and speed are not to the level required for ideal use. There are numerous variables that can influence the speeds of USB remote connectors, yet there are also a few arrangements that can be successful on the basis of the initial situation. If you are using a Netgear WiFi range extender, let us remind you of mywifiext as it is the default web address used for setup and configuration of the extender.

This post walks you through various troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue ‘Netgear USB adapter is not achieving desired speed or range’. Read on.

To Fix the Speed of Your Netgear USB Remote Connector:

  1. Adjust the Location of the Adapter in respect to the Router

Once in a while, moving nearer to the primary router or changing your position in the room can impact WiFi speed as well as signal quality. The design of your room and the area of the router being different in each setup will result in an alternate spot for every setup.

Also, keep the router away from interference-creating devices such as microwave ovens, refrigerators, baby monitors, Bluetooth devices, treadmills, and related devices during the Netgear extender setup process.  

  1. Utilize a Netgear WiFi Extender

In the event that you are making an effort to cover a longer distance, the USB connector may not give the ideal signal quality. A Netgear wireless extender, for example, the EX6200 for the longest range and heaviest use or the WN1000RP for light use, can give a stronger association at longer distances than interfacing specifically to the principle WiFi router.

In order to set up a Netgear wireless extender, open a web browser and go to web address. Here, you will be presented by on-screen steps for setup and configuration. Simply follow them and complete the setup process.

  1. Check the Wireless Security Encryption of Your Router

Security encryption of a WiFi system significantly influences the connection’s speed. Ensure your router is designed to utilize the right security encryption with the goal that you can amplify the speed your router is able to do. You can use WPA2 to secure your wireless connection via login webpage.

Note: The default IP address i.e. can also be used to access the login page for Netgear WiFi range extenders.

  1. Check for the Most Recent Updates and Drivers

Ensure your device is running the most recent Netgear extender firmware as this will guarantee the best execution and reliability. A few connectors, dependent on the OS utilized, will likewise have uncommon drivers – a model would be the A6200 or A6100 when utilizing Windows 8 or 8.1.

  1. Dispose of Obstructions

On the off chance that your router is inside a bureau or generally obstructed or in case there are important hindrances between the router and the gadget you are utilizing with the connector, try moving these obstacles to improve your signal quality.

  1. Modify the Connector with a USB Expansion

Utilizing an extraordinary USB link that might be furnished with your connector, you can change the position of it. The adapter will work as a reception apparatus in that its position can influence the signal it gets. Try utilizing this extension link to arrange your connector to the position in which you get the best signal. This will also come handy when the gadget is utilized outside of the home, e.g., at an open hotspot. However, it is advised not to use public WiFi while accessing Netgear genie.

  1. Use Windows to Build the Power that is being Sent to Your Wireless Adapter

This is very simple to do. Just head to the Device Manager. Inside, scan for your remote USB connector, right click on it, and select Properties. Now, you’ll see a choice to alter the transmit power. Simply alter this to the highest value.

Note: This may influence your gadget battery life.