Rankings of the Med School and How Students Need to Tackle this Issue

Students looking to have a go at a career in medicine need to go for it right when they are in their high school. As the process, from applying to a med school till a student actually get the admission letter can span several months, students must initiate the process at their earliest. The criteria for students to get in a med school is usually very high for virtually all of them and that’s where students start thinking why this is so and what to do about it. The ranking factor of the med schools is one reason and that’s what I’ll try to explain to you in this blog.

Do Rankings Matter as Much as we Care About Them?

We all know rankings are a matter of great concern to all of us. And when it comes to the rankings of a med school, we know how sensitive this matter can be, especially for students. It’s a matter of great curiosity for students as there must be some reason why a particular med school is ranked high or low. But there is no need to look to get into a Caribbean university medical school or a one in the US/Canada.

It is a matter of great concern for students as if they are not able to get admission in a top-rated med school, at least in the top 10, then they look dejected and look for a solution in this concern. It is an altogether different issue that what really goes behind the rankings of a med school and how it is calculated. More on it in the subsequent paragraphs. For the time being, I’m focused on how to give you some detail that rankings are not something you must go for.

More on Rankings and Related Issues

Sometimes the rankings are not justified. I am sure you must have gone through this at least once in your lifetime and have found out that a top-ranked fast food chain turned out to be lame and not up to the mark. Similarly, I can also offer you authentic and published stories that a top-ranked university didn’t turned out to be exactly what they portrayed and why they were ranked number 1.

Rankings can be manipulated and that’s why you don’t have to give them as much weightage and trust them religiously. So I am sure that some of my readers would ask that does medical school ranking matter in the first place? They do matter in some instances but, as discussed earlier, don’t religiously abide by them and think of them as something etched in stone. It is just a benchmark and benchmarks do change a lot in matter of few months.

Type of Rankings and Bodies which do the rankings

There are number of factors on which the ranking of a med school or any educational institute is based. This includes number of research paper published, experience and education of the faculty members, number of doctors/physicians produced in a specific time, facilities offered to students, etc. So, you can easily see that there are lots of factors involved here. There are other factors like doing the research and collect data/stats about med schools so that you need to make sure about it and see it as not something very serious.


Official ranking by government or the accreditation body is, however, the one that can be seen as something serious. This is where students need to make sure that they can, somehow, get into those schools. But still, it is the not the end of the road for you. As mentioned above, you can study in a med school and come out triumphant by studying as one of the best students in any med school you have taken admission into.

Final Word

To sum it up, the fact is you can easily find many med schools offering excellent facilities to the students and provide top-notch education encompassing a number of disciplines. So. don’t bother much if you can’t get the admission in a top-ranked med school or the one in the top 10. Have full faith in your capabilities and you will verily succeed.

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