How to Customize WordPress Themes

Depending on the theme you are using for your WordPress site, there are different sets of changes that can be done on your site within your admin panel. This tutorial explains how to customize WordPress theme. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will use Twenty Seventeen topics. Each & every theme has different choices for website owners.


Some important ways of Customizing a WordPress Theme is mentioned below:-

WordPress Customization Page Accessing


  1. For WordPress Theme Customization, firstly you have to go on  Appearance -> Themes page that already visible on your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Now, on this page search your favorite theme and click on the theme for modification.
  3. After that, you can modify a WordPress theme in real time. You will see a list of the available options on the left side of the page and you can also see a live preview and how those changes will affect it your site on the right side.
  4. You have many customization options for your site like colors, Header Media, Menus, Widgets, Additional CSS and many more things.

WordPress Title and Tagline Modification Process


With the help of WordPress Theme Customization, you can also modify your WordPress Title and Tagline because this page allows to modify your site’s title and tagline and see how actually your site will look immediately.


Now, expand the Site Identity group of settings that are given on your dashboard. Here, you can change the site title and tagline by removing the text and typing the new text according to your site. As soon as you type, you will able to see the new text showing up in the preview. Once you finished this task, simply press the Save & Publish button.


You can also change the image here.

Additional WordPress Theme Customizations

Different themes are available for the different site and additional options are given according to the theme that useful for you. With the help of WordPress Theme customization, you can use this in your own site. It allows you to modify header image, color scheme, add additional CSS and more.


You can change images of your header by click on Header Media option that is given on the theme page and chooses your favorite color that is suitable for that site. Now, the header color of your site is successfully changed.


For changing header image you don’t need to worry because it can be changed by going on the same options that are Header Media. Some additional CSS may also be applied on that site with WordPress Support Theme.


After changing or modifying the site you can see the live preview that your site looks but this only possible when you save the work after customizing. So, don’t forget to Save the activities when you have done your modification on that particular site. For this Save and Publish button is already given there, so simply you click on that button.


Some other ways of WordPress Theme Customization


To build anything there is some toolset necessary to combined together, without Toolset, it would be very difficult to do so. Because, it is not necessary that every tool would be present at the same place, so many moving parts that need to come together to make it work. Now, with the help of toolset you can design your own website by adding some custom content in that site, you just only have to follow these simple steps:


  1. For an advanced search, you can use Photoshop to design with custom filters. Here some tools are already given that would be very helpful for you.
  2. You can convert your design from PSD to HTML and CSS.
  3. Start your designing or implementation into the search form.  If you do not know about coding, you don’t need to worry about coding because here toolset will generate the PHP code for you and can use it to build the search form. You can also add your own HTML and CSS into this custom search.
  4. It’s not necessary to convert the .psd to HTML or CSS, as given in the second step, you can use design tools like as Elementor and Divi. These tools also work the same as a toolset.
  5. So, for modification or customization, you have more than one option to use the themes and create your own attractive sites with the help of WordPress Theme Customization.