Hardest Puzzle Games on the Internet


All of us love to solve the hard puzzles. Solving difficult puzzles gives us a certain kind of satisfaction plus several types of research also shows that solving riddles and puzzles makes your brain sharp. You will find different kinds of mind-bending puzzles on the internet sometimes you may solve it easily but sometimes you may need some technical skills for solving these games such as source code of the page for identifying image file. There are many free online puzzles on the internet and Sudoku is one of them. The Sudoku Kingdom gives you plenty of challenge to solve the game. Let’s have a look at the hardest puzzle game.

Types of Hardest Puzzle Games:

  1. NSA’s Puzzle Periodical

The Nsa’s puzzle asks you for intelligence, the ability to think abstractly, they challenge you to solve the unknown and impossible. The employees of NSA work on some of the world’s most demanding and exhilarating high tech challenges. They apply a complex algorithm and difficult cryptographic problems in terms of mathematics. You can try your hand on these puzzles every month if you want to increase the brainstorming activity in your daily life.


     2. Sudoku Escargot

Everyone is familiar with the number-oriented game of Sudoku, actually, many of us consider it as a stress buster. It is a pretty good way to release stress and it is the hardest Sudoku puzzle ever made. Solving these kinds of puzzles will keep your brain healthy and in top shape. They keep on updating new games on regular basis you can accept the challenges and enjoy the game whenever you want. It is very difficult to play and win.


     3. Blue Eyes

According to XKCD, it is the hardest solving puzzle in the world. It is one of the best webcomics for Greeks, It is a complex combination of logic, math, and lateral thinking however the creator has tried to design it in very simple way as there is no wordplay, double meaning or anything else which may confuse you but then to you will feel challenged in solving these games. Nice stressbuster and mind refreshing game must try whenever you are free.

    4. Crossword Puzzle

It is a great task for exercising your brain and your verbal skills it will help you in long run with for mental task and verbal skills. You can take a break of small five minutes for playing this game and can start anywhere on mobile, desktop, paper anything you like. If you are good at playing you might get through one in five minutes. Subscribe to the crossword app or website and start playing the game.

Tips for solving hard puzzle games


1.    Make a Strategy

Before diving into the puzzle make sure to stop and think about the strategy of the puzzle. A good strategy will lead you to solve the puzzle quickly and you can come up to a quick solution.


2.    Don’t over think

If you are good at mathematics you can solve the problems without any hassles. However, mathematics is not enough to solve all kind of puzzles as some of them are very tricky and have required advanced computational skills. Sometimes really complicated formulas are required to solve these kinds of puzzles because it is really more than the adding or subtracting the numbers.


3.    Look for Pattern

Analyze the pattern correctly because repeating patterns can lead to a solution. Understanding and recognizing the patterns of movement closely you would be able to understand the move pieces and know how that movement will affect the puzzle.


Keeping the above points in mind you can try breaking the codes of the games and also you can check your inventory and group items for the better understanding of the games.