Facts About Thyroid Cancer Everyone Should Know

The thyroid gland is considered to be responsible for controlling the rate of your heart, respiration, your metabolism as well as various other organs of your body. Thyroid cancer diagnoses are so much in the rise, following one reason or the other and this is the time where you must be well-acquainted about everything related to the same.

Cancer hospital in Delhi has listed down the following facts about thyroid that everyone should know:


  1. Though the cases of thyroid cancer are rare young people, most numbers of thyroid cancer patients are usually younger than 55 years of age. About 2 percent of thyroid cancer is believed to be occurring in children and teenagers. At the same time, thyroid cancer is considered to be the most common form of cancer in the women aging 15-29 years and the same is considered to be the most common cancer for the women aging 30-39 years respectively.
  2. In comparison with men, women are more at risk of developing thyroid cancer in their body. According to a cancer hospital in Delhi, there is a certain correlation between increased risk of thyroid cancer for women in between their puberty and menopause years. However, there are no conclusive results as this cancer has nothing to do with the hormones. Some studies lay down that oestrogen is considered to be a growth factor for both benign as well as malignant thyroid cells.

  3. The symptoms of thyroid cancer can often sneak and most patients might not face any kind of symptoms of the thyroid cancer. However, they might experience a certain kind of discomfort in the neck or feel a small lump. At the same time, patients suffering from medullary cancer might present with unexplained diarrhoea.

  4. Thyroid cancer treatment is carried out by the cancer specialists who also suggest that this kind of cancer is not restricted to only one type. There is more than one type of thyroid cancer and around 80 percent of these cancers are papillary carcinomas. This kind of cancer is considered to be the most common as well as the least aggressive thyroid cancer. It grows very slowly and usually makes its way in one of the lobes making up the gland.

  5. Ultrasound is able to diagnose thyroid cancer in patients. The incidence of thyroid cancer has doubled since a very long time. Thyroid ultrasound was in its infancy about 30 years ago and now the same is being prescribed to detect and diagnose any kind of swelling happening on the neck. Just like an ultrasound is performed on the belly of a pregnant woman, the same is now performed around the neck region of a person in order to diagnose the problem. Apart from this, ultrasound also plays a role in determining how and where the biopsy is obtained post localizing a thyroid nodule.

  6. After a patient has gone through the process of thyroidectomy, he/she is now required to follow a medication in order to replace the thyroid hormone so as to maintain the normal metabolism of the body. Hormone therapy administered during thyroid cancer treatment also stops the remaining cancer cells from growing by the way of lowering down the TSH levels.