Dispelling the Myths Related to Dubai Desert Safari


A Dubai tour will not be complete if you don’t include a desert safari to your itinerary. This thrilling experience will transform the way you perceive the Arabian Desert and Dubai. The shifting sand, the oasis, the performances by dancers and artists and the delicious food will make you yearn for the experience to never end. Of course, when it comes to Dubai desert safari, there are a lot of myths associated with it. So, here are some facts to bust the myths.


Myth 1: If the car gets stuck in the sand, it is inconvenient for guests


You may not know that other than an iced road, it is quite tough to drive on ever-shifting sand. It takes years of experience to master the art of driving in the desert. You should be prepared for your vehicle to get stuck in the sand. It is not at all inconvenient for guests. Instead, it adds a bit of adventure to the entire Dubai desert safari.


Myth 2: The camel ride is merely a small walk in the desert


Most people are unaware that camels cannot see in the dark. Hence, if your camel ride was for the evening, you will have a short walk around the desert to prevent the camel from tripping, running away or getting spooked. If you are keen on a longer camel ride, you should book a separate camel safari. This way, you will not be disappointed with the duration of the ride.


Myth 3: A Dubai desert safari that does not have dune bashing is for the faint hearted


Many people believe that dune bashing is thrilling and exciting and hence, it is not a suitable activity for older people and those who do not like this fun and exhilarating feeling. On the contrary, you can opt for a desert safari without dune bashing and still have a lot of fun, thrills and spills. There is no doubt that dune bashing gives an adrenaline rush, but it is should always be done with a trained safari guide. Otherwise, you risk serious injuries.


Myth 4: During the desert safari, guests will see a lot of desert wildlife.


Many guests going for a desert safari are under the misconception that they will see animals running around the desert like the animals in Masai Mara. While there are water trough and salt licks along the path leading to the desert camp, it is not necessary that you will see droves of desert wildlife during the safari. On some days you may witness many animals and on other days none. Most of the feeding points in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve keep changing to encourage grazing across the area. So, you can never be certain when you will see desert animals.


Myth 5: One desert safari is as good as another desert safari


If you believe that one desert safari is the same as the other, you couldn’t be further from the truth. The type of experience you enjoy will depend on the safari operator. Your access to wildlife, safety, ambience at the camp, quality of food and the overall experience during the safari will depend on the safari operator you book. It is best to opt for an operator, who is experience and has great reviews online. Such an operator will ensure you have a unique, fun and memorable Dubai desert safari.


Myth 6: Booking the safari last-minute will ensure you always get a great deal


Some travelers believe that desert safaris sell out, but this is not the case. Yes, they can sell out during Easter and Christmas holidays, but this does not happen always. Hence, you should not take it for granted that you will get a great deal if you book the safari last minute. In fact, you should choose your safari with care so that you can do not get disappointed.  This will enable you to have a great experience.


Myth 7: You will be able to get the best desert safaris through your hotel concierge


No doubt that your hotel concierge can arrange things like a magician, but it is not always true that you will find the best Dubai desert safari through them. Your hotel concierge most probably will recommend a budget safari and this will deprive you of a luxury or cultural safari experience. Also, the concierge will recommend the operator associated with the hotel rather than the one that is able to meet your requirements. It is best to do your research online and find a desert safari operator that fits into your budget and offers a unique safari experience.


These are some of the myths associated with the desert safari. Now, based on the right answers to these myths, you can plan your Dubai tour and ensure you have a fun and satisfying Dubai desert safari.