Child Monitoring apps – A blessing in disguise

Technology-driven smartphone world has occupied kids, by offering enticing and immensely influencing content.  Today’s innocent youth is vulnerable to adult contents, chat room strangers, addictive games and what not. And these activities are responsible for the birth of apps like Bit Guardian Parental Control app.


Smartphone activities are gravely responsible for health issues and poor academic performance and reducing social relationships. Sadly, many parents have observed the slow transition of dinner time discussions shifting to personal phone conversations. Kids have detached from real-world connections to get attached to the digital ecosystem.


Why do we need to Secure Kids?


Smartphones are inevitably an essential part of our lives. We live, eat and sleep out of mobile phones. The addiction kids have grown at such an early age is harmful and spoils their growth in the right direction.


So, let us brush through some severe reasons to secure kids from excessive smartphone activities:


  1.    Unwanted Addiction


Having a smartphone for primary activities like calling, calculating, texting, searching and navigating is excellent! It makes life simpler. But excessive dependence on cell phones is harmful. Without cell phones in their pockets, kids feel disabled!


For some kids, the only source of entertainment is smartphones. Imagine, how kids can survive a single day without cell phones?


  1.    Health concerns


Smartphone use has led to hundreds of health issues, not only in kids but also in adults. You name it; they have it!


Doctors are concerned about the carcinogenic properties of cell phones. It has been observed that cell phone signals interfere with our brain’s neurological electrical signals. How you hold your phone the entire day also plays a significant difference in the posture of your body.


Your eyesight, body posture and appetite are all at risk. Kids need to be cautious right now, to avoid health issues during adulthood.


  1.    Attachment to strangers


Kids look out for love and affection at the wrong windows, hoping to meet the right individuals. Weirdly, kids fall for strangers on social media and online chat rooms very quickly.  


90 % of these strangers victimise kids considering them as easy targets. Strangers contact kids and offer them attractive deals which are good enough to get children carried away.


Many teens have been victims of sexting, which initially starts as a soothing idea and slowly turns into a blackmailing game. Strangers get an easy way out with kids, taking advantage of their innocence and lack of experience.


  1.    Misleading contents


Believe it or not, maximum contents on Social media platforms are misleading or incomplete just like the romantic movies, which stop on happy endings without providing details on how life can get after marriage!


Well, you cannot stop contents on social media, but educate kids on certain aspects of it. Kids cannot begrudge their life merely looking at deceptive contents online; they need to start filtering what they see.


Another very trending disease is FOMO- Fear of Missing out. Trust us, almost one out of every three individuals is suffering from FOMO. If adults, get carried away by social media contents, imagine how kids can feel? Kids are naïve and lose self-control like shooting a fish in a barrel.


  1.    Poor academic results


Smartphone usage has shown dangerous and drastic changes in kid’s academic performance. The withdrawal from studies is not to be blamed on kids, but parents. Looking after kid’s educational goals and routines are entirely in the parent’s purview. If parent’s stop kid’s from using cell phones during study time, it can be a bit of a difficult situation to handle at first, but gradually the results will appear!


  1.    Risk of Cyberbullies and attackers


Digital era has brought uncountable advantages to human beings but at the cost of losing sleep. Yes, the presence of online intruders and bullies lurking around in the mobile world waiting to target innocent kids is sadly the biggest nightmare of today’s parents.


Bullies are the most notorious of all. Considering the mental status of kids, cyber bullies harass and abuse kids online or through chatting sites. Victimised kids face a lot of humiliation and insult, eventually causing depression and anxiety.


Have your tried Bit Guardian Parental Control app yet?


Positive parenting in today’s digital scenario is not only tricky but comes with a lot of challenges and external parameters. Earlier, parenting was just about disciplining kids and teaching them ways to face real-world problems, but now you need to find ways to monitor their digital presence.


Child monitoring apps secure kids from unwanted mobile phone addiction and restrict access to inappropriate contents like dating apps. Bit Guardian Parental Control app is a perfect example of phone monitoring app to secure teens and pre-teens from uninvited digital dangers.


Bit Guardian offers core parental controls like screen time controller and app blockers to set a leash on kid’s phone activities. As an additional advantage for parents, the app is well-equipped with GPS enabled location finders and geofencing technology to monitor kids’ perimeters.


Stop getting paranoid about your kids’ digital safety and install Bit Guardian parental control app to secure kids from dangers in the cyberspace.