6 must-have Indian bride poses you can try to show your gorgeous bridal Lehenga

You may agree that your bridal lehenga is really close to your heart. So, do not lose an opportunity to flaunt your beautiful, stunning bridal lehenga. Make sure your wedding photographer captures your lehenga in such a way that your friends and your relatives feel amazed. I know you will be busy in performing wedding rituals on your special day, still try to make some time to get some great pictures clicked.

Check these 5 great poses that are ideal for showing bridal lehenga and you should definitely try these poses. These lehenga photos will definitely enhance the beauty of your wedding album greatly.

  1. The floor pose:

    The floor pose has become one of the most popular poses for the brides. You just need sit on the floor and spread your gorgeous lehenga to show its beauty.

    You will look like a beauty queen in the photo. Don’t forget to smile at the time of doing this floor pose. Your smile will make this photo even more charming.

    2. The mirror pose:

    It can be really difficult for a bride to move away from the mirror on her wedding day as she looks so beautiful on that day. What about incorporating this idea into Indian wedding photography?

    Stand in front of a mirror after wearing your beautiful, red bridal lehenga and get some amazing pictures clicked by your professional photographer. The mirror pose will be a unique yet beautiful pose to show your beauty wearing bridal lehenga.

    3. The complete pose:

    The complete pose is probably the most popular pose for Indian brides. I would suggest you to frame this picture and put it on the wall of your house. After all, you will put so much effort to choose the right bridal lehenga, gold jewellery and perfect bridal makeup.

    It is important to do a pose showing your beauty from top to bottom wearing your bright, glamorous lehenga. In fact, your wedding album will be incomplete without thisparticular photo.    4. The unconventional bride pose:

    Today’s brides are smart and confident, so they do not hesitate to show their cool persona. Bring out your the cheerful and bubbly aspect of your personality.

    Wear your sunglass with style and get a fun-filled picture clicked by your professional wedding photographer. Trust me, it will be your all time favourite wedding picture.

    5. The shy pose:

    The downtrodden eyes and the beautiful face of a bride hiding behind a ghoonghat definitely makes a photo elegant and graceful. Make sure your photographer captures the beauty of your bridal lehenga beautifully along with your shyness.

    You will obviously look like a princess at the time of getting the photo clicked. The veil or ghoonghat will add a royal touch to your photo.

    6. The twirl pose:

    This twirl pose has become one of the most popular Indian wedding photography poses for brides. This pose definitely displays the beauty of your bridal lehenga beautifully. Other than that, it is a fun pose that reflects the joyous and carefree emotion of the bride.

    The twirl pose captures the little girl in the bride in the coolest way. It will be your one of the most favourite wedding poses.

    If you want your photographs to be unique, think out of the box. Take ideas from your friends, relatives and read articles on Indian wedding poses for brides. Pinterest and Instagram can also help you select bridal poses greatly! You will see a lot of wedding photos there, select the pictures which you think will suit your personality.